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Q-Wearable System

Full Body Motion Tracker

The Q-System is a compact set of 5 motion capture, waterproof modules, capable of full body motion capture. This gives you insights such as: type of exercise, sets, reps, tempo, & form

5 Motion Capture Modules

5 wearables to be placed on different areas of your clients body during their workout

Small, Compact, Waterproof

Comfortably placed on your clients so it doesn't interrupt their workout

Attached onto Clothing

Attached onto your clients using compression sleeve or typical workout gear

How it Works

Seamless Integration.

The Q-System is designed to be easily integrated with your client's workout routine.


Send Training Kit.

Includes sensors & special athletic gear for the motion tracking modules


Start Workout.

Simply have your clients start their workout normally.


Stream Movement.

Stream your client's movement. During or after their workout.

Elite Training Insights

Movement at your Fingertips.

Normally accessible only to pro athletes and coaches. Now available for you and your clients.


Track your client's compliance with your workout program.


Know your clients per rep consistency and time under tension


Determine your client's exercise power output over time


Automatic tracking classification of client movements to exercises

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