Introhm team
We are Introhm.
Introhm team

We are Introhm.
Marketing + PR

Brandon aspires to be a modern-day renaissance man. He's a mathematician, photographer, designer, musician, strength athlete.

Hardware + Tinkerer

A levelheaded thinker, Max is full of surprises. His careful observations result in unique, valuable insights. Go to him for advice—and for a proper roasting.

Business + Finance

Josh is somewhat of a robot, an AI gone rogue. Biomedical engineer, but actually a philosopher. He answers questions with questions.

Systems + Technologist

A futurist aspiring to create a better world through tech. Abhik breathes computers. He welcomes our (future) AI overlords with open arms.

Software + Humor

Resident comedian, Yassin is a rare, two-hit combo: a socialite & software developer. He likes to challenge social norms.